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Whether the value estimate required is for refinancing, book value, distressed, insurance, development or disposition, Appraisal Propertyshop approaches each assignment with a methodical process to valuation. In defining the appraisal problem and estimating the value of an asset, Appraisal Propertyshop utilizes the following process:
  • Thorough tour of the asset including all leasable area, mechanical rooms, roof, parking facilities and common areas;
  • A review of the financial information including: income and expense statements, individual tenant summaries, operating cost recoveries, capital improvement programs;
  • Analysis of the market data applicable to the future income stream calculations;
  • ARGUS™ Discounted Cashflow valuation for income producing assets;
  • Complete review of leases and lease abstracts;
  • Overall analysis of market trends, historical sales data, and current sales offerings;
  • Expert opinion on asset optimization;
  • Logical and reasonable valuation conclusions evidenced through complete and accurate data analysis;
  • Assess the current cash flow, provide logical assumptions for future revenue streams and derive information from the market that is often difficult to locate, analyze and synthesize.

Asset Management | Consulting

Appraisal Propertyshop provides solutions for real property through our detailed approach to understanding the asset. During the asset management of any property, our team undertakes the following process to maximizing asset value:
  • Accountability to the client for financial reporting through monthly correspondence;
  • Online access to property files, tenant correspondences, and financial property data;
  • Provide ongoing client | tenant communications to solidify and stabilized cashflow;
  • Independent management of capital improvement projects utilizing proven industry connections.
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