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Welcome to

Appraisal Propertyshop

Appraisal Propertyshop combines talent of fully certified, licensed, and insured professionals in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Toronto. We have been a member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) since 1992. Our president is also a Fellow with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and past chairwoman of the Canadian Commercial Council of REALTORS®.

Our professionals are embedded in major communities from coast to coast. This locally-based knowledge provides our team a unique perspective on the history of assets and transfer of ownership between investors. Appraisal Propertyshop was established in 2007 with its head office located in the Beltline area of Calgary. Our offices are situated in a newly restored century old building, providing clients a boutique style atmosphere and in depth attention to their business needs.

Whether you require commercial or residential valuation, consulting, or asset management: at Appraisal Propertyshop, we are ‘working to earn your business’®.


What we do and where

The scope of services that Appraisal Propertyshop provides include:

  • Valuation of Real Property for Purchase or Disposition
  • Analysis of value estimates for financing | mortgage purposes
  • Consulting on valuation issues relating to investment decisions
  • Foreclosure Appraisals
  • Valuation of Real Property under Legal Dispute
  • Expropriation of Real Property Valuation
  • Value of Real Property for Insurance Purposes
  • Value of Real Property for Estate Planning and Taxation
  • Lease Arbitration
  • Asset Management

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Client Benefits Include:
  • Qualified Appraisers (AACI, RICS, & CRA designated)
  • Legal Experts in Valuation (Commercial & Residential)
  • Proven Performance Record
  • National Coverage
  • Insured and Licensed
  • Membership with Professional Associations
  • Approved with Banking Institutions
  • Certified Arbitration
  • POS and Online Payment Options
  • Centralized Invoicing
Assignment Request

This site was developed to better serve our clients and to streamline the appraisal order and delivery process. This means ‘just in time’ delivery upon request. We take pride in providing personalized customer service whether we’re on the phone, sending e-mail or communicating through this website which you can use 24/7 for placing orders, checking status or downloading completed reports.

Our Professionals

Our team is diverse in many different areas of Real Estate. Whether it’s commercial or residential, a small purchase, or major capital expenditure, we can provide invaluable insight as it relates to value retention and perspective. We’ll do our utmost to help you get started, and to give you the advice to get you through your project as easily, efficiently and cost-effectively as is necessary.

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Latest News